Covid Time Trial

We have been thinking about how we can keep Cycle Brothers continuing during this lock down and we hope we have something that whilst it abides by the current restrictions (Social Distancing rides with one other participant), it also will be fun and enjoyable!

The Proposal - 

Covid Time Trial

The idea is the Cycle Brothers Team will setup various different routes on a biweekly basis, which can be downloaded to your phone/GPS devices and each participant that signs up would need to complete the route as quickly and safely as possible.

You can take part as an individual or as a pair.

Each participant would need Strava and WhatsApp or equivalent to prove their time and ideally it will even allow all participants to follow their ride in real time as an additional option to bring some excitement.

Due to social distancing we would give each two participant's a set time/day they would have to start their ride or you as a participant could suggest a time/day that would suit you best and we could just make sure no other participants risked starting at the same time. 

Upon completion we note down your start and end time according to your Strava or equivalent recording data.

We will then use this data to produce a  leader board, which will go on the website and we will also communicate it out on our WhatsApp Cycle Brothers group.

The Points System will work as follows - 




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